Friday, January 8, 2010

Japanese Logistics And Parcel Delivery Company Ventures Into Singapore

First Overseas Base for Household Name Company
Shipping News Feature

JAPAN – SINGAPORE – Yamato Transport, the delivery arm of Japanese giant Yamato Holdings has chosen Singapore as its first overseas based express delivery operation in an attempt to capture a share of the millions of small deliveries made each year within the island state.

In its home country the company logo of a black cat carrying a kitten in its mouth is a familiar sight as its brightly coloured trucks engage in “Takkyubin” movements which range from luggage collections through specialist non ambient and sports kit deliveries.

Initially the Singapore operation will concentrate on a standard door to door express parcels service with the chilled and refrigerated service to follow. The company wishes to use Singapore as a test bed for overseas markets, possibly with the development of a Chinese base as the next stage.

Yamato have thrived by forming associations with selected hotels, convenience stores etc. where excess baggage, sports equipment and general freight items can be dropped off and picked up as well as normal delivery to door services.

Pic: courtesy of Yamato