Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Japan Air Freight Revisions And Fuel Surcharges Announced

Main Western Airports will be Unified Shortly
Shipping News Feature

JAPAN – The country’s air freight and passenger services are undergoing changes, due principally to the economic downturn and its disastrous effect on Japanese Airlines (JAL) as reported here earlier. Today the country’s Ministry of Transport announced it does not expect its American counterparts to rule on anti trust applications until next October. The applications should be lodged by February and are intended to allow the Eastern carrier to defect to the SkyTeam group, headed by the world’s largest carrier, Delta Air Lines, plus Air France/KLM and several others. JAL are currently members of the Oneworld, a co-operation involving ten other partners including American Airlines and British Airways.

Ironic that the fastest mode of transport yet invented should prevaricate due to the slow wheels of Federal Authority. All good news for JAL rival All Nippon Airways who themselves today announced fuel surcharge increases from 1st February for passenger traffic, to supplement the charges already in place for freight customers, who will be subject to a further rise on New Years day.

In more Japanese air news the three main airports in the regions of Osaka and Hyogo are to have a restructuring of management which will see bosses at Kansai International Airport also responsible for administering Itami and Kobe airports to streamline throughput and improve the financial situation in the region. All three are within 15 miles of Osaka with the latter two principally involved in domestic transfers.