Wednesday, October 21, 2020

It's Not a Police Box - It's a Robot Grocery Delivery Option!

The Logistics of Shopping is Changing
Shipping News Feature

ESTONIA – DENMARK – WORLDWIDE – Citizens in twenty six countries around the globe have been seeing some strange boxes appearing in their city streets of late, like some modern day version of the Tardis evolved from its traditional Police box form. These are in fact however part of a growing logistics trend which we are likely to witness more often henceforth.

As all are aware the supply chain is changing rapidly spurred by a variety of reasons, from Covid-19 and the increased online retailing activity it has spawned, to technological advances in how goods are delivered. The boxes referred to are the product of Cleveron, an Estonian technology company developing automated parcel delivery solutions for retail and logistics companies.

The Cleveron 501 is a self-standing automated pickup solution with different temperature zones, including a deep freeze area. The technology is used by globally known retailers in Europe and North America to offer a quick and convenient, drive through grocery pickup for their customers. Now the company has selected Danish firm Globe Tracker, a provider of global supply chain IoT visibility in the cold chain, to monitor the temperature conditions of the containers used for their Cleveron 501 grocery pickup robots.

Precise and reliable climate control is essential for technologies dealing with groceries which is why Cleveron has partnered with Globe Tracker, which provides location, remote monitoring and control of the parameters of the container used for Cleveron 501 allowing Cleveron’s technical support team to be responsive to real time alerts from the system. Cleveron’s COO Mihkel Ilp, explains thus:

“Convenient and efficient grocery delivery is one of the main pain points in retail industry and our Cleveron 501 offers a solution. In addition to providing our clients with cutting-edge technology, we also offer remote support services to monitor our robots all over the world and solve problems quickly. This is especially important when you are dealing with food so we need reliable partners who can offer us reliable systems. I am happy to say that we have found such a partner in Globe Tracker.”

Cleveron, which delivers an average of 1.3 million packages via its terminals each month, has begun global roll out of the pickup kiosks worldwide. They have market penetration with several of the world’s largest grocery retailers and say that volume ramp up plans are underway. Don Miller, Chief Sales and Marketing officer at Globe Tracker, commented:

“We are extremely proud to have been selected by Cleveron to assist them with real-time alerting and condition monitoring to increase the quality of the grocery pick-up solution delivered to their customers. The partnership with Cleveron gets us one step closer to our end-to-end cold chain visibility goals.”

Cleveron has produced a short video demonstrating how and where its products can be used and which can be seen HERE.