Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ITF Applauds APM Shipping Container Terminal Safety Day

Unions And Employers In One Mind Over Security of Staff
Shipping News Feature

WORLDWIDE –APM Terminals Global Port and Terminal Network, which is currently comprised of over 50 freight facilities around the world, employing more than 22,000 people, today will again observe their ‘World Safety Day’ initiative. Annual safety benchmarking data recently released by the UK‐based International Cargo Handling Association (ICHCA), representing more than 150 million twenty foot equivalent units (TEU) handled, has revealed that APM Terminals consistently outperforms the industry averages.

The ICHCA survey shows injuries of only 0.57 per 100,000 TEU’s handled by APM in 2009, as compared with an ICHCA membership average of 2.13 for the same period and now the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) has come out to praise the company’s efforts to safeguard its workers with Paddy Crumlin, speaking in his role as Chair of the ITF’s Dockers’ Section saying:

“We support all initiatives that make ports safer places to work. I think that we can also congratulate APM Terminals on its safety effort, which has seen recorded injuries fall from 890 in 2006 to 330 in 2009, but which also acknowledges that even one injury is one too many, and that all measures must be taken to prevent them.”

APM Terminals CEO Kim Fejfer, who has made Safety a component of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program for the past five years commented:

“Our policy is to never accept an unsafe condition and proactively engage in making every day a safe day, We strive for zero injuries, and we will not let up until we have attained this goal.”

During this year’s Global Safety Day observance each APM Terminals facility will work from a catalogue of activities and safety education projects and exercises to be tailored to local needs. This year’s theme is “Safety First, Always do YOU live up to it?” Topics to be covered include Work Processes, Risk Management, Personal Protective Equipment and Tools, Safety Awareness Activities, and External Parties, including all personnel conducting business on any APM Terminals work site, including contract workers, outside truck drivers and visitors.

Safety training for outside drivers will be aggressively pursued as terminals work to reduce accidents and injuries. An analysis of safety APM Terminals’ performance reporting has indicated that nearly half of all port and terminal accident risk (49%) is the result of vehicular traffic violations.