Thursday, December 10, 2009

Italian Air Freight Operator Starts Well

Promising Beginnings for Airline
Shipping News Feature

ITALY - Cargoitalia, the new Italian air freight operator, has reported its performance for the first two full months of operations. The airline has operated 100% of its scheduled flights, flown 82 sectors on its two scheduled routes (Milan-Hong Kong and Milan-New York-Toronto-Milan), and flew a total of 832 block hours.

Despite all the external factors which can affect freighter operators’ punctuality, 65% of all flights departed within 30 minutes of scheduled take off time, and 85% of all flights were operated within 60 minutes of schedule.

Cargoitalia uplifted 4,539,519 kilos of freight, representing 65% load factor by weight and 79% by volume. The airline has already achieved 20% market share from Italy to Hong Kong, and 14% from Italy to New York JFK.

According to Italian CASS statistics for October (the latest available), Cargoitalia was the 10th largest carrier of cargo ex Italy within its first four weeks of operation - with a 3.2% share of the total air export market. At its home base of Milan Malpensa, Cargoitalia accounted for 7% of all cargo uplifted.

Commercial Director Roberto Gilardoni said that: “In every way, this is an exceptionally promising start. Having commenced operations at the very worst possible time, Cargoitalia has nevertheless proven beyond any doubt that it is a necessary and popular addition to overall airline capacity.

“We are enormously grateful to everyone – customers, service partners and staff - who have supported us so far, and we hope our robust operational performance has repaid the trust that the market placed in us.

“2010 will not be an easy year for anyone, but we have greater optimism than ever that our product is right, and that the market is ready for us.”

(pic: Roberto Gilardoni)