Monday, September 21, 2009

Irish Heavy Haulage Specialist Pulls It Off Again

O'Neills move giant turbine up mountain
Shipping News Feature

IRELAND - O’Neills Heavy Haulage of Hospital, Co. Limerick, have successfully completed haulage on behalf of Enercon Germany of a 20MW wind turbine up Mount Slievereagh in the county. The turbine, which once completed will stand 60 metres tall and weigh over 300 tonnes, will supply the power needs of all the houses in Tipperary, Mitchelstown and the surrounding areas.

Speaking to Handy Shipping Guide Jimmy O’Neill, director of O’Neills, said that:

“Overall 14 loads were transported from Dublin, the heaviest gross weight per load was 100 tonnes, the widest piece was 5 metres and the blades were 35 metres in length. The various loads were transported from Dublin through various nights, leaving at midnight and arriving on site at approximately 5.30am.

“There was huge interest from the local people waiting for the loads to arrive during the night. They climbed out from their beds at 5.30 am when they heard the noise of the transport arriving to travel up the steep hills of Slievereagh.

“The Job went well, we were lucky to have no hassle with the weather.”

O’Neills success with this project adds to their long pedigree of hauling abnormal loads both in Ireland and Europe. Several years ago the company broke the record for the heaviest cargo carried on Irish roads when they moved plant for Irish Sugar, a convoy load which weighed in excess of 1000 tonnes.