Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Irish Hauliers Rail Against Fuel Duty Proposals

Trucking Groups See Themselves as Easy Targets for Tax
Shipping News Feature

IRELAND – There is a growing groundswell of opinion amongst Irish truckers that they are to be made scapegoats in the Governments new plans to impose across the board taxes to rectify the country’s financial worries.

On 7th September the Commission of Taxation published a report which proposed a sweeping change in several areas, including the scrapping of Vehicle Registration Tax and its replacement by an extra 30 cents per litre on road fuels across the board, plus an additional 5 cents for carbon tax. There are also suggestions for road tolls and congestion charges.

Speaking to HSG several Irish hauliers blamed the new taxes on the Green Party who they say “have no concept of the necessity for an efficient distribution system”. They went onto blame the Government for its failure to invest and pointed out that the new system will penalise unfairly those on long hauls, the very people who have invested heavily to ensure the country’s past prosperity.

The Irish Road Haulage Association have made no comment thus far but a former head of the organisation Mr Eamonn Morrissey, is reported to have said, "To date government has already driven too many jobs out of our country and now they are proposing to drive many more legitimate hard working tax paying small transport companies out of business."