Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Irish Ferries Report Surge In Bookings

300 Percent Increase in Information Requests
Shipping News Feature

IRELAND – The recent resurgence in problems for air travel to and from the Emerald Isle has seen ferry operator Irish Ferries experience a dramatic increase in information requests.

The company reports that hits on their website and phone calls to their reservations centres have increased by up to 300 per cent over the last 24 hours - the spikes directly mirroring news bulletins reporting on the closure of Irish air space.

Irish Ferries also reports a 'significant' increase in car bookings for travel now and in the coming days.

However, rather than the panic of last month, head of passenger sales Declan Mescall says that they are seeing a much more orderly pattern.

"Two weeks ago we were mounting a huge rescue programme and got thousands of stranded air passengers across the Irish Sea as foot passengers. Now we're seeing people turn from flights to ferries in a more planned way - opting to book their car onto the ferry so they are in control of their travels,” he said.

He added that: “Each time there's an announcement about the next air space closure, we see demand increase as business travellers or those visiting family and friends change their plans."

With a daily capacity of 15,240 passengers per day between the UK and Ireland, Irish Ferries stress that they are more than capable of dealing with the extra demand caused by air transport problems.