Thursday, January 28, 2010

Irish Ferries Provide A Whale Watch For Truck Drivers

Humpback Whale Gives Truckers a Boost
Shipping News Feature

IRELAND – UK – Irish Ferries tell us that a young male humpback whale has been spotted in the Irish Sea, an unusual visitor to these shores but one which is likely to become a more regular sight. The ferry group have long collaborated with researchers from the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group who regularly check up on cetaceans from the decks of the company’s ships on the Holyhead to Dublin and Pembroke to Rosslare services.

It is often possible to see groups of common dolphins accompanying the vessels on their regular sailings, leaping through the bow wave and the sighting surveys from on board the Ulysses and Isle of Inishmore and passengers frequently sight porpoises and even Minke whales which can reach ten metres in length. but spotting a humpback is an unusual event.

So if you are a transport manager faced with a bleary eyed driver fresh off the boat who tells you he’s running late due to a whale you might, for once, just have to believe him.