Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Irish Dock Strike Could Spill to Other Ports

Subsidiary shipping line could suffer throughout Europe
Shipping News Feature

IRELAND - A dispute between dockers and management at Peel Ports facility in Dublin could result in a backlash against the Groups subsidiary shipping line, BG Freight Line.

Dock unions are threatening to blacklist vessels operated by the company and have called on their fellows in Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg to boycott loading the lines ships in support.

The dispute centres on lay-offs caused, according to union officials, by Peel Ports replacing the workforce with non-unionised, lower paid employees from the UK and other parts of Ireland.

Brendan Gold, National Secretary of Unite said: “The dispute at the Peel Ports-owned Marine Terminals facility in Dublin has provided a wake up call for all of us. We are now undertaking an urgent information exercise across Ireland and Britain to support our colleagues in Dublin in every way possible.”

Peel Ports Group has yet to comment.,10985,en.html