Monday, May 3, 2010

Irish Air Traffic Faces Fresh Ash Cloud Restrictions

New Cloud Threatens More Problems
Shipping News Feature

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) has informed Irish-based airlines that it is imposing restrictions on airports in Ireland from 0700 tomorrow until at least 1300 due to a fresh ash cloud that is expected to pass over the country. 

Current information from the Volcanic Ash Advice Centre (VAAC) suggests that a ‘no fly zone' will have to be imposed over Ireland tomorrow that will affect Dublin, Shannon Galway, Sligo, Ireland West (knock), Donegal, Cork and Kerry.  No flights will operate in or out of these airports until at least 1300hrs local tomorrow.

The UK's National Air Traffic control has not stated yet what the situation for Northern Ireland is, but the IAA projections show this area to be unflyable as well due to the concentration of particles.

Over-flights of Ireland from the UK and Europe will NOT be impacted tomorrow as of the moment. Flights in mainland Europe will operate normally unless the situation changes.

The IAA will review their information tomorrow morning and an update will be posted on the IAA website at 0900 hrs on Tuesday 4th May.

With air freight and travel just returned to normal after the previous disruption, the direction that this new ash layer drifts will be followed very closely in the coming hours and days.