Thursday, August 13, 2009

INTTRA reports growth in shipping container orders

Leading e commerce supplier is bucking the trend
Shipping News Feature

NEW JERSEY,US – Leading e commerce logistics supplier INTTRA have reported a 20% increase in container bookings for the first 6 months of 2009.

INTTRA who claim to standardise freight bookings for circa 10% of all global trade via their web portal have seen a rise in demand worldwide to average almost 300,000 bookings per week.

The group’s network handles container bookings for 30 of the world’s largest freight carriers and says that the increase in demand is shared between new users coming on stream and a general increase in demand from existing customers.

The CEO of INTTRA, Ken Bloom said in a statement "The global recession that has gripped the industry has caused carriers and shippers to re-evaluate their business processes with an immediate goal of removing costs to protect margins and to create better performance.”

By further replacing out dated manual processes used in cargo movement initiation Mr. Bloom estimates that the freight industry could reduce overall costs by up to $ 5 billion annually within four years.