Monday, March 14, 2016

International Freight Forwarding and Logistics Group Just Keeps Investing

New Central Asian Locations Offer Expanded Road Haulage and Other Options
Shipping News Feature
CENTRAL ASIA – AUSTRIA – One freight forwarding and logistics group which seems set on steady expansion is Austrian headquartered Gebrüder Weiss which has just acquired the two subsidiary branches of the Hamburg based German freight forwarder Brockmüller in Almaty, Kazakhstan. With the new location in southern Kazakhstan, the international transport company is closing a geographical gap between Europe and China and strengthening its own network in Central Asia with additional road haulage options from the two new cargo hubs.

GW says the employees at the Kazakhstan locations have many years of experience in national and international project business, as well as regional cargo transportations, particularly in the automotive sector. As of the beginning of March, the two branches are officially being run as the Gebrüder Weiss Kazakhstan location. The company is further expanding its local expertise in Central Asia by establishing the ‘Gebrüder Weiss East plus Competence Centre.

The new branch in Vienna has emerged from the freight forwarding company Far Freight, which has been part of the Gebrüder Weiss Group since the beginning of 2014. With over 20 years of experience, the employees have specific expertise concerning land transport, project business and heavy goods haulage in the CIS countries and the Middle East, particularly in the automotive sector.

The GW East plus competence centre will be managed by Peter Gindl, the long-standing managing director of Far Freight, and will be home to 20 employees with specialist knowledge in the region. Thomas Moser, Director and Regional Manager South-East/CIS at Gebrüder Weiss explained the reasoning behind both the new deals saying:

"We now have the opportunity to offer high service quality to our customers in Kazakhstan and surrounding countries. The new location will function as a central hub for the regions around the Caspian Sea and as a link between Europe, the CIS countries and, in particular, China. The company already has its own branches in Georgia, Russia, Turkey and China and offers a weekly groupage freight transport to Turkmenistan. In the medium term, the local services in Kazakhstan will be expanded to include customs, warehouse and logistics solutions, and possible additional locations will be determined.

"We aim to further open up the historic Silk Road, in other words the road link between Europe and China, with the Competence Centre. Today, our customers already benefit from established transport routes and excellent know-how on the infrastructure, laws and bureaucracy in these regions.”

GW have certainly indicated the company’s willingness to invest when it sees an opportunity. Four years ago it revealed it had pumped €22 million into its Romanian facility and as recently as last June told of a new €10 million investment in a Bulgarian cargo hub.