Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Intermodal Show Gets Postponed Due to Coronavirus Corvid-19

Blow to Container Logistics as Development Awaited
Shipping News Feature

CHINA – The fact there is no trading in Chinese currency, with Exchanges unable to handle Renminbi notes shows just how serious the current Coronavirus Corvid-19 is being taken and another casualty has now been announced with the Intermodal Asia show, a favourite amongst logistics interests, being postponed until July.

Intermodal Asia, which was originally scheduled to be staged in March 2020, will now be held at the SWECC in Shanghai on 14–16 July. With visitors from more than 90 countries from across the container transport and logistics supply chain, it is widely considered amongst the most, if not the most, important annual industry event in Asia. Rob Fisher, Group Director Informa Markets, explained thus:

“We have been closely following developments since the outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Wuhan in December 2019. First and foremost, our thoughts and support go out to our colleagues, partners and clients in China during this uncertain time.

“After careful consultation with our joint venture partners the China Container Industry Association (CCIA), [and] the in-depth discussion with the venue, we have taken the decision to reschedule this year’s event to ensure the safety of our visitors, exhibitors and staff. By delaying Intermodal Asia, we are providing the container shipping and intermodal sectors time to recover from any setbacks experienced as a consequence of the outbreak and its effect on global trade.

“We apologise for any disruption to visitor and exhibitor schedules and we trust that the intermodal community understands the reasons behind our decision. Moving to July will allow us to deliver a premium event where buyers can source products and technologies, discover innovations and build new relationships in this fast-changing sector. My team and I are looking forward to welcoming you to Intermodal Asia 2020 later this year.”

The decision for the common sense postponement was fully supported by Mr. Huang Tianhua, President of the China Container Industry Association (CCIA), Vice President of China International Marine Containers (CIMC), who commented:

“As a leader within the container shipping industry, CIMC Group’s mission is to promote the development of the global container shipping industry. CIMC has been the main sponsor and a loyal exhibitor of Intermodal Asia since it moved to China in 2014, and Intermodal Asia has become an important stage for CIMC Group to showcase its cutting-edge services, and an opportunity for communication and cooperation with global partners.

“We greatly appreciate the decision to postpone Intermodal Asia 2020. It reflects the organiser's responsible attitude towards the safety and health of its international exhibitors and visitors, but also reflects confidence in China’s ability to quickly overcome the outbreak.

“CIMC Group intends to continue fully supporting Intermodal Asia 2020. We also call on international container partners and industry leaders to join Intermodal Asia 2020 to showcase solutions and share knowledge and take this important opportunity to build new business relationships.”

As we noted in a previous story Chinese tourists have virtually disappeared from the world’s streets since the outbreak and hopefully the organisers have acted promptly enough so as to not inconvenience any prospective visitors to the show. Ms Li Muyuan, Executive Vice President and Secretary General of CCIA, struck a hopeful note, saying:

“It is expected that in the first quarter of this year, China's container manufacturing, transportation and service companies will be affected to some extent due to the outbreak. This includes delays in resuming production and operations, and supply chain instability. However, we believe that the decisive approach and resolute measures across China means the epidemic will soon be contained. Afterwards, operations will quickly return to their original levels, and may even be boosted by a compensatory rebound.

“In view of this, we have agreed with our close partner Informa Markets to delay Intermodal Asia 2020 until July. We believe the postponement is a very beneficial move for the industry for several reasons: firstly, to fully consider the impact of the epidemic and ensure safety for exhibitors worldwide; secondly to provide an opportunity for firms that have been affected by the epidemic to redevelop and expand the market; and thirdly to enable the global container industry to maintain sustained and stable cooperation.

“We are already preparing for the rescheduled event. We are expanding the content of the exhibition forum and working to motivate more companies to participate. We will release specific measures to promote the healthy development of the Chinese container industry and release an annual development report on China’s containers and intermodal transport. We believe our members will continue to participate and fully support the event.“

Photo: The Intermodal Asia show has dedicated platforms for all aspects of container logistics, from manufacture, sales and leasing to bespoke products.