Thursday, May 24, 2018

Intermodal Service from Logistics Group Offers to Cut Asia to Russia Transit Times by 6 to 8 Days

New Service Opens Next Week Linking Major Commercial Centres
Shipping News Feature
RUSSIA – SOUTH KOREA – Moscow based transportation and logistics group, Fesco has launched an initiative aimed at reducing the delivery time from Asia to Russia via the Far East. Dubbed 'From Pusan to Moscow in 15 days', the self-explanatory project successfully completed a test shipment in April which saw a 40' high-cube container with electronic goods on behalf of the Samsung Group delivered from Busan to Moscow in 15 days, cutting the current average of 21-23 days transit time on this route.

This ‘fast delivery project’ is scheduled to be started officially on June 1, with the reduction in delivery times achieved by streamlining separate links of the intermodal chain, as well as by building a ‘pass-through’ technology, that is improving interaction between different types of transport.

Transit time from Busan to Vladivostok is 2 days, idle hours in port is reduced by two days to three days by improving the pass-through technology at the junction of port-railway, speed of rail transportation on the route Vladivostok-Moscow - by 5 days to 10-11 days. The system of lodging preliminary information implemented in the Commercial Port of Vladivostok allows a reduction in the time of customs clearance to a few hours. Fesco says this standardisation of documentation and information flow, plus automation of interactions between all participants involved in the transportation, makes these services more attractive for customers both in the Republic of Korea and in the Russian Federation.

‘From Busan to Moscow in 15 days’ is a part of the initiative intended to expand the network of Fesco’s regular and fast routes using its own services from the Asia-Pacific region to Russia via the Far East. The delivery time for more than 40% of cargoes on this route is under 20 days now, and for another 30% under 21-25 days, dependant on time taken for customs clearance.

In April, Fesco announced it was launching ‘Direct Route’, a new regular service providing fast delivery for containers transported from the sea ports of Japan to Moscow via the Commercial Port of Vladivostok, which is a subsidiary of the Fesco group. The company once again says its service reduces delivery time from Japan to Moscow from around 27 days to approximately 20 days depending on port of dispatch by streamlining end-to-end transportation.