Monday, December 3, 2012

Intermodal Rail Freight Group Has Invested in Container Handling Gear and New IT System

Freightliner says Upgrades Have Increased All Round Efficiency
Shipping News Feature

UK – Intermodal rail freight operator, Freightliner Limited has invested in its inland terminal infrastructure throughout 2012 which it says is to expand and retain the level of provision and commitment that the company provides. Freightliner says it had to continually make capital expenditures for the future in its port and terminal network to boost operations for the growing container market’s needs. Recent investments include the procurement of two new cranes at Southampton terminal and a new IT container handling system.

The investment of £9 million for two new rail head gantry cranes at Southampton terminal improved the lift rate and have the capability to span 13 roads in comparison to the 7 roads that the previous cranes could facilitate. As well as the additional height, the new cranes also provide multi movement capability being able to lift and turn at the same time at an unparalleled speed. This follows similar schemes in Birmingham and Manchester over the last few years to update the cranes at two of the company’s busiest inland terminals.

The new container handling IT system has helped Freightliner improve terminal and rail operations through a bespoke interface, improving planning of internal movement vehicles (IMV), reducing downtime, reducing both in gate and out gate times and improved reliability across the company’s operations. The firm says that the project represents a detailed and revolutionary advancement in the capability of Freightliner to offer its customers a full e-interface for all of their needs, from overriding product delivery to self-billing.

Combining the use of new 40 foot twin platform wagons and PowerHaul locomotives Freightliner is able to maximise port and inland capacity, reduce CO2 emissions and increase network utilisation by increasing the amount of boxes that can be hauled on one service. Through the offer of the new ground-breaking ‘Shortliner’ services, the company is able to increase the number of 40 foot containers hauled per train by over 42% in comparison to a standard Class 66 service hauling 24 wagons, whilst still fulfilling the available 20 foot market customer demand. The new wagons complement Freightliner’s existing 60 foot wagon fleet ensuring a dramatically improved utilisation of both 40 foot and 20 foot containers.

Once again Freightliner will be exhibiting at the 2013 Multimodal event at the NEC in Birmingham from the 23-25 April 2013. Shippers, retailers, manufacturers, import/exporters, tank operators, freight forwarders, NVOCCs and transport operators that want to explore moving their containers by rail are invited to book a meeting on Freightliner’s stand and meet with the senior commercial team.

Photo: Part of the Freightliner exhibition at Multimodal 2012.