Thursday, May 10, 2012

Intermodal and Container Terminal Software Upgraded for Better Freight Control

Fargo Extends Management Offerings for Rail Cargo
Shipping News Feature

UK – The move to intermodal poses new problems even for established freight companies and the management of cargo throughput reaches a new level of complexity with the addition of a rail transport element. Now UK based Fargo Systems, which exclusively provides transport, fleet and logistics software to the industry, has announced a significant extension of their intermodal rail software with new versions of both their ‘TOPS’ container transport and ‘CYMAN’ container terminal management programmes.

The ‘TOPS’ transport management system now incorporates full rail (also barge and short sea) planning and caters for timetabled cross-border services with contracted or reserved space allocations, operated by a rail service provider or the customer of their services. Planning can be down to specific wagon chassis level if required and multiple checks are in place to ensure wagon and container compatibility with weight checks and hazardous cargo warnings etc.

Loading List EDI file transmissions confirm bookings directly with the loading terminal and the operator is able to see at a glance confirmations or rejections on specific rail services. Real-time KPI reports look at TEU fill and utilisation percentages, non-conformances and individual train-level profit and loss amounts. The TOPS system is specifically designed to cater for web-based global real-time tracking visibility and automated status messaging.

Management within the container terminal meanwhile is controlled by the CYMAN system which includes dedicated functionality for managing rail arrivals and departures, co-ordinating block container movements en-mass and allowing for provisional railhead positioning. Once ingated, containers can be allotted to 3D terminal locations or generic storage areas, whilst the system sends CODECO status and condition update messages to the customer.