Thursday, September 7, 2017

Innovative Shipping Container Design Extends Range for Break Bulk Cargo

New Lighter 45 Foot Unit Added to Portfolio
Shipping News Feature
US – WORLDWIDE – We have extolled the virtues of the unique shipping container design produced by CakeBoxx Technologies many times. For shippers needing 360 degree side and overhead access for loading and unloading, the fact that the units act as a flat rack, which is then completely protected by lowering the body of the box onto the base, means improved security whilst still allowing full securing of the cargo. The fact that the containers simply have no doors are a self-evident security feature.

Now the Virginia based company will reveal its new'BreakBulkBoxx' 45 foot shipping container at the IANA Intermodal Expo in Long Beach, CA on 18 September. The newest model in the CakeBoxx line has been designed specifically to save costs for break bulk and project cargo shippers by providing a means to transport their loads on container ships versus the slower, more costly break bulk and multi-purpose vessels.

Retaining the pragmatic CakeBoxx ‘deck and lid’ design which enables loading from the top and sides the new 45’ BreakBulkBoxx is immediately recognized as an innovative shipping container. It has a visually striking design with a series of circular lightening holes in its deck (the lower portion of the two-piece container), incorporated to reduce weight. This is complimented by incorporating a lighter, stronger, maintenance free and environmentally friendly Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) floor, and an extremely cargo-friendly perimeter tie down system designed to easily support a broad spectrum of flat hooks and chains.

Following it’s unveiling at the IANA Intermodal Expo later this month, the BreakBulkBoxx 45’ will tour to Houston, TX for the Breakbulk Americas show from 17-19 October and CakeBoxx Technologies CEO, Daine Eisold commented:

“We’re extremely proud to introduce the 45’ BreakBulkBoxx at the IANA Expo this year. This unit will deliver the same advantages to the international market as the AAR approved 53’ unit delivers for the North American market. Those advantages are substantial – lower cost, reduced handling and faster cycle times.

"Global break bulk, project cargo and machinery shippers will love this BOXX. In many cases, you can ship 100 tonnes of break bulk freight in four 45’ CakeBoxx containers for about one-half the cost and in half the time of break bulk vessel transport.”