Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Innovative Freight Container Group Partners with Asset Trackers to Increase Security

Now Technology Enhances What is Already a Securer, Door Less, Box Concept
Shipping News Feature

US – DENMARK – WORLDWIDE – The door less CakeBoxx container shipping concept, which we described in full when UK group Pentalver started offering the uniquely designed boxes to the European market last September, is to receive a new layer of protection to what is already promoted as a more secure method of transporting freight overseas. The US company, headquartered in Florida, has worked with the Virginia based office of Danish asset tracking group Globe Tracker International towards a strategic partnership.

Under the agreement, the companies will combine service and product offerings to supply the global shipping market with a pre-configured, off-the-shelf secure container/asset tracking solution. CakeBoxx will offer its customers a factory installed Globe Tracker Communications Unit and a 12-month complimentary subscription to Globe Tracker services.

Globe Tracker’s smart container technology provides end-to-end supply chain visibility and a way for supply chain stakeholders to seamlessly and securely share shipment data. These capabilities will now complement CakeBoxx’s inherently secure line of shipping containers in a global cargo transportation market that is increasingly plagued with theft, damage, national security and loading efficiency issues. Daine Eisold, President and CEO, CakeBoxx Technologies commented:

“There has always been a natural nexus between the shipping container and asset tracking services. At CakeBoxx, we continue to look at the container more as a solution than merely a cargo conveyance. Teaming with Globe Tracker to integrate the two services at the production level makes total sense. Our customers appreciate the safety, security and efficiency of our CakeBoxx products, now we’ve taken the complexity of two more important decisions out of the equation, to track or not to track. And, whose service to use. The asset tracking space is highly competitive. With Globe Tracker we will offer our customers industry leading performance and innovation at an incredible price, so they can see the value for themselves without the angst of a complicated market analysis.”

The patented CakeBoxx two-piece, door-less,construction is an innovation in the container industry, offering as it does a quality product for high value cargoes and for customers who want to ensure maximum safety and security. Globe Tracker opened a development centre in Beijing, China in February of 2007, and now has offices and development centers in Qingdao, China; Copenhagen, Denmark; Reykjavik, Iceland; Tórshavn, Faroe Islands as well as the US and Jim Davis, CEO of Globe Tracker, explained:

“Globe Tracker and CakeBoxx Technologies share a common vision around the proliferation of smart containers. We are excited to work with CakeBoxx Technologies to bring the future to our customers today.”

Photo: On the left a team struggles to load long pallets into a conventional container whilst on the right, having stacked the goods onto the floor section of the box, a forklift lowers the CakeBoxx body down to be secured.