Monday, August 24, 2009

Indian Plans for Central Freight and Logistics Hub

Madhya Pradesh aspires to win new Warehousing and Transport business
Shipping News Feature

INDIA – The State Government of the Indian province of Madhya Pradesh has announced its plans to develop the first integrated logistics hub in the country financed by public money.

The Madhya Pradesh Warehousing and Logistics Corporation (MPWLC) has announced plans for a 30 year initiative of public/private cooperation to develop facilities in three strategic locations around the centrally situated Indian state.

MPWLC claim “a tremendous response” from logistics and industry organizations to the 120 acre project.

It is said that development at Pawarkheda (Itarsi) will form a major part of the development as it is ideally situated with good road and rail freight transport links.The MPWLC already have a strong presence in the area stretching back to the late 1950’s with the formation of the states agricultural marketing board and the subsequent cooperation of the two provincial agencies.