Saturday, August 29, 2009

Indian Freight Container Movements on the Increase

Three month rise in trade spurs development
Shipping News Feature

INDIA – After falling trade figures for several consecutive months the mood in the country’s freight and transport industry lifted a little this week with the news that container figures at least had risen during the April – July period. The enthusiasm is tempered a little in that more of the traffic is import rather than export, much of it from China which continues to build a strong trade foothold.

Altough overall tonnage through the main Indian ports was fractionally down by around 1% against last July, the three monthly figures however are up over 1% and order books are strengthening. News of the two major logistics parks currently planned, indicate confidence in forecast growth, which according to some analysts, could reach 8% next year.

Meanwhile in New Delhi plans are in hand to open a large trailer park adjacent to the Tughlaqabad inland container depot which has suffered severe congestion recently. Large bottlenecks have plagued the facility with drivers simply abandoning trailers on the main Maa Anandmayee Marg road whilst drivers searched for return loads.

The parking is scheduled to be available within ten days.