Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Indian Air Freight To Have New Player As New Air Traffic Control System Planned

Upturn in Cargo Operations Encourages Investment in Industry
Shipping News Feature

INDIA – According to reports the Airports Authority of India (AAI) have calculated the upturn in the country’s air freight market will continue to grow despite the recession and it would seem that a new airline, New Delhi based Aryan Cargo Express, may well launch their international services by February 2010. Simultaneously Deccan Cargo and Express Logistics, who started international flights in May say they plan to expand their fleet to eight aircraft.

Aryan state they have representation in several countries from Europe and Africa to the Far East and their initial services are aimed at the domestic and South East Asian routes. Deccan, who claim to be the only new freight airline on the subcontinent since 2007, will cease their Dubai service but commence a Hong Kong route using Nagpur as its hub for fifteen Indian cities utilizing their expanded fleet.

As is usual for proposals of this type analysts warned that they will wait until planes are in the air before commenting on the expansive plans. In a separate report the AAI have stated that they are to invest in an all new air traffic control system for Delhi which, they claim, will be the most advanced traffic flow control in the developing world. They claim the new computerized layout will track the position and statistics for every aircraft in Indian airspace plus give a comprehensive weather view.

It is believed AAi have paid the US Federal Aviation Administration to act as their consultants on the project which warns controllers automatically of obstructions and airstrip overcapacity. The chosen contractor the US Mitre Corporation should have the system up and running by late 2011.