Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Independent Freight Forwarding Group Has the Experience to Guide Shippers to Iran

With Sanctions Lifting More Companies Are Seeking Logistics Solutions
Shipping News Feature
IRAN – With companies possibly contemplating the Iranian market now that sanctions are being removed, finding logistics providers with practical experience of operating in the Middle Eastern country will be a priority for many businesses. Independent freight forwarding group Davies Turner, believes that its recent shipment of over 95 tonnes of publishing material to the 29th Tehran International Book Fair and its well-established office in Tehran is proof of its extensive logistics experience in the region.

Davies Turner first established an office in Tehran in the mid-1960s and has maintained that presence with an experienced manager through all the ups and downs of trade with the country. The forwarder has transported publishers’ books to the Tehran book fair from countries across the globe since its inception in 1987.

Davies Turner claims to be the number one forwarder to and from Iran having pioneered the overland route as part of its multimodal service mix and remaining active in the market by maintaining its own representative office for almost half a century. Davies Turner Group Chairman, Philip Stephenson, said:

“50 years ago, Iran was seen as the most up and coming economy in the Middle East. Events in the late 1970s turned out very differently. But there has been enough trade over the intervening years to justify Davies Turner’s continued presence there. The ending of sanctions is unleashing the country’s productivity and merchant traditions, boosting Anglo-Iranian trade.

“Progress is slow but sure and we are carrying progressively more freight each and every month, not just to and from the UK, but cross trade involving many other countries too. Working within the law and the scope of the sanctions, Davies Turner has always kept air cargo, sea freight and road links between the two countries active and profitable.

“As one of the longest established forwarders in Iran we have an inbuilt advantage over less experienced operators. Our manager in Tehran understands local requirements, regulations and guidelines for doing business.”

Photo: Courtesy of 1/87 Vehicle Club.