Thursday, October 21, 2021

If You Want to Persuade Kids to Think About a Career in Logistics - Watch This Film

The Real World of Work in Graphic Detail
Shipping News Feature

UK – As everyone and his wife whinge on about the shortages of staff in the entire logistics sector it is time that those who can actually do something about it stepped up, and this week the Port of Tilbury has given them another weapon in the armoury to encourage the next generation.

A couple of years ago, before the problems the general public are now aware of became a talking point, we wrote to several schools based around East London, addressing the Careers teachers specifically, and asking what they knew of informing pupils about a career in logistics and could we assist? Not one bothered to reply.

Now we are seeing a country wide effort to recruit youngsters into the myriad positions available with trade associations such as BIFA leading the way by promoting apprenticeships and the like. This latest effort from the Essex port however illustrates in the most graphic detail one small sector of the profession which, by its very nature, will excite and inform many, drawn from a generation brought up on video games, about the real world of work.

Perhaps those charged with directing their students toward meaningful employment will spend a few minutes checking out what it is really like to enter an industry so long forgotten or looked down upon and maybe even ask themselves, could I do that?

See the full Port of Tilbury video HERE. There is also the chance to contact Port of Tilbury owners Forth Ports regarding careers HERE.