Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hurricane Warning to Merchant Shipping as Isaac Moves West

Early Alerts in Anticipation of Tropical Storm
Shipping News Feature

US – CARIBBEAN – With the Hurricane season at its mid point, the season is generally accepted to run between June and November, warnings to merchant shipping and travellers in the region are going out as meteorologists track the uncertain path of Tropical Storm Isaac.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is warning travellers in the region to check local conditions regularly via the National Hurricane Centre website and shipping in the area should also be aware of the impending danger. Currently (23.30 BST 22nd August) Isaac is moving past the Lesser Antilles with winds touching 45mph as the storm travels westward at around 21-22 mph.

Government offices and schools were closed today throughout parts of the Caribbean and much local activity in Cuba and even Florida is being suspended as the storm is expected to grow in severity as it continues toward the mainland. British nationals and others can also gain current travel advice from the FCO website.

Photo: NOAA satellite image taken today at 01:45 PM EDT showing Tropical Storm Isaac moving westward.