Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hull Conditioning Vital for Container Ships and other Merchantmen

Three Stage Programme Aims to Optimise Performance and Cut Fuel and Emissions
Shipping News Feature

SOUTH KOREA – WORLDWIDE – Time was painting the bottom of a ship had two purposes, to give an amount of protection to the steel plate or timber that generally formed the hull, and to provide a degree of antifouling, keeping the barnacles and boring creatures that both slowed progress and threatened the integrity of the vessel at bay. Today, with fuel costs and emission control of paramount importance the builders of the giant container ships and so-called supertankers demand performance related characteristics from a hull coating on any new build or refurbished craft.

To stay abreast of industry needs, Jotun Hull Performance Solutions (HPS) has launched the HPS ‘Newbuilding Solution’ at this week’s Kormarine Exhibition in Busan, South Korea. This programme is aimed at yards delivering vessels with eco-design and who want to maximise the energy efficiency at both speed trial and in operation. The foundation of the HPS Newbuilding solution is SeaQuantum X200, Jotun's top of the line antifouling with documented low friction properties, designed to maximise initial and lifetime performance, whilst in addition come three upgrade components, complete with guarantees of reliability.

Roughness of the hull has a major impact at speed trial and the first component of the HPS Newbuilding Solution is a Smooth Application Package that combines comprehensive technical service with an optimised anticorrosive system. Jotun measures average roughness on the underwater hull surface and offers a money-back guarantee as a part of its Smooth Application Package.

Keeping the hull slime and fouling free through the outfitting period is a challenge, and Jotun’s second component is an Outfitting Protection Package which includes a final coat of the newly developed SeaQuantum X200-S, which has superior resistance to slime and fouling. Any fouling incurred over the docking may have a major impact on the attained EEDI. With the Outfitting Protection Package Jotun guarantees a clean hull at speed trial so the yard will then avoid costly re-dock or under water hull cleaning, which is time consuming, and may increase hull roughness.

The third and last component is a 60 month high performance guarantee with cash back if average speed loss exceeds 1.5% over 60 months, and which may be transferred from the yard to the owner. This equals a 15% improvement in propulsion efficiency over 60 months compared to market average performance. This component gives the yards an opportunity to differentiate themselves by extending from a typical 12 months standard guarantee, to a 60 month high performance cash back guarantee.

By analysing a series of accurate measurements from the ship during a voyage, Jotun can determine the condition on the underwater hull and its effect on fuel consumption using the established Jotun Hull Performance Measurement Method. Mr Geir Boe, Vice President Jotun Marine Coatings, comments:

“With HPS Newbuilding Solution Jotun enables yards to become more competitive when bidding for eco-ship projects. The solution provides an opportunity to both optimise initial performance as well as lifetime performance. The solution thereby serves the long term interests of the designers, yards, owners, operators and the environment.”

A short video explaining how antifouling improves performance and demonstrating the benefits of proper performance monitoring can be seen HERE.