Monday, February 2, 2015

Huge Trailer Order from European Road Haulage and Freight Forwarding Outfit

All Units Have Multimodal and Adjustable Height Capability
Shipping News Feature

GERMANY – DENMARK – EUROPE – Horstmar, Germany headquartered trailer maker Schmitz Cargobull last week delivered the first unit from a huge order received from Danish road haulage and freight forwarding outfit DSV A/S. The first rail-transportable curtain sided semi-trailer from a total order of 3,000 units ordered was delivered in person by Ulrich Schöpker and Josef Warmeling, both key Schmitz Cargobull AG executives.

The manufacturer said that what makes this delivery so special is that the contract was just 10 days old, yet Schmitz Cargobull still managed to provide a finished, sign-written DSV semi-trailer on a ‘just in time’ basis thanks to the group’s sophisticated, well-functioning logistics and production control system. As inbound parts, from even the smallest supplier, can be sourced so rapidly in extreme cases the process is so efficient that it is even possible produce a new trailer within just 18 hours. The complete order will be steadily processed over the next two years, and includes delivery of both Universal and Mega trailers. Board member Ulrich Schöpker commented:

"This order, and the faith that has been placed in us, makes us very proud. It demonstrates to all Schmitz Cargobull employees that our efforts to be the ’benchmark’ for intelligent and efficient transport solutions in the commercial vehicle sector are bearing fruit, and that the customer appreciates it!"

All trailers are equipped with the ROTOS running gear, which has been completely developed in-house by Schmitz Cargobull, with disc brakes, a maintenance-free axle system and electronic safety assistance systems. In addition, there is the convenient VARIOS height adjustment system for the body, with its simple and self-explanatory plug-in mechanism. Adjusting the height of the body ensures adherence to local country-specific regulations concerning overall trailer height in trans-European goods transport.

Another important deciding factor in securing the order was the modular assembly system, including the equipment for intermodal traffic, all of the trailers to be supplied can be loaded onto trains or equipped for ferry transport. The components belonging to the modular assembly system are fitted using threaded bolts, meaning that all of the parts can be safely and rapidly replaced in the event of damage or repairs being carried out. It is even possible to retrofit additional components at a later date, thus increasing their flexibility in terms of use.