Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Huge Out of Gauge Heavy Lift Shiploader Conveyed to US by Project Cargo Specialist

Massive Piece Safely Delivered and Installed to Pacific North West Port
Shipping News Feature

CHINA – US – Out of gauge and project cargo specialist shipping line Hansa Heavy Lift Gmbh has successfully transported a giant shiploader weighing over 560 tonnes from Nantong in China to Portland, Oregon on behalf of Sandvik Mining and Construction. The massive device, which comes in on a base of over 2,000 square metres and equates to around 65,000 m3, is designed to load a vessel with bulk, solid cargo at great speed.

In the Port of Portland, Hansa safely delivered the shiploader, using the three lifting beams used to load it, to move the beast off the vessel at the Pacific north west port, as it only had lifting trunnions on one side, so that engineers could then install iit directly onto the pier. This monstrous piece of machinery has a footprint of 36.5 metres by 56.44 metres and stands 31.5 metres tall and the size of the cargo and narrow width of the pier meant that the third lifting beam had to be lowered onto a barge after the discharge operation was completed. Gareth Hamer, Head of Cargo Management, Americas, Hansa Heavy Lift commented:

“The biggest challenge was to lift the shiploader over the conveyor rail at the Port of Portland, whilst ensuring neither sustained damaged. We then completed the installation of the tripper car and portal under the direction of Sandvik. The discharge operation took place over five days and required detailed planning, as well as close cooperation with all parties involved.”

Hansa is a wholly owned subsidiary of investment group Oaktree and has a fleet of twenty specialised vessels, with an average age of less than five years, which it utilises to concentrate on super heavy lift and project cargoes. The group’s Chief Commercial Officer Joerg Roehl observed:

“Our expert team of engineers and experienced crew worked closely with the customer to plan the move and ensure it took place safely and on time. Our specialised in-house team of naval architects, structural engineers and welding engineers with shipyard, offshore and installation background and the added benefits of our young fleet of vessels, enables us to customize solutions such as this for our customers.”

Photo: The size of the cargo can be judged from this photograph of the 19,328 dwt HHL Richards Bay under way.