Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Home Office Entrust Border Force Contract to Logistics Group

Post Brexit Deal will Last Five Years
Shipping News Feature

UK – It seems with Brexit very much in mind the new contract offered by the government to provide support to the Home Office's ongoing Border Force operations has been won by XPO Logistics.

Under the terms of the deal XPO will transport and store goods and vehicles in a five-year agreement, with live operations expected to commence in March 2021. XPO will operate from existing government facilities, providing services that cover the entirety of the UK and Northern Ireland, as well as the UK border in France at Coquelles.

The freight company will be responsible for transporting items from the point where Border Force takes control to the appropriate storage location. To this end it says it has constructed a customised end-to-end solution that integrates its warehouse and transport management systems, providing Border Force staff with a single point of contact.

The system design means GPS tracking and real-time visibility maintain the chain of evidence at each touch point, and stored goods are digitally documented. Gavin Williams, managing director, supply chain - UK and Ireland, XPO Logistics, commented:

“We thank the Home Office for entrusting us with critical support of UK border control. We have designed an agile, end-to-end solution that extends our capabilities in the public sector to meet the complex needs of Border Force operations.”

Photo: Courtesy XPO.