Thursday, April 28, 2022

HGV Driving is a Much Changed Career as Those Who Have Left the Sector Get Help to Return

Boot Camps provide Access to Better Conditions
Shipping News Feature

UK – With the continuing pressures on the supply chain due to the shortage of capable HGV drivers Logistics UK is urging those in the trade who have left the workplace to consider re-joining the profession, with hundreds of spaces now available on government-funded refresher training courses, called Skills Bootcamps.

Managed by the Driver Academy Group, a consortium comprising of business organisation Logistics UK, HGV training specialist HGVC, and workforce solutions group Manpower, the courses aim to get drivers back up to speed with the practical and theoretical requirements of the role whilst opportunities to upskill in various areas are also available. David Jordan, Deputy Operations Director - Services at Logistics UK, comments:

“Hundreds of spaces are now available on government funded skills courses, but with these slots filling fast, the Driver Academy Group is urging anyone interested to apply now for this unique opportunity. Businesses are also encouraged to put their drivers forward for upskilling and refresher training.”

For existing HGV drivers, three types of bootcamps are available: licences upgrades, for those with a category C licence (rigid HGV) looking to upgrade to a category C+E (an articulated lorry), refresher courses for anyone looking to rebuild their confidence behind the wheel, and ADR & Petroleum Passports for those wanting to transport hazardous goods and drive fuel tankers. James Clifford, CEO of HGVC, interjected:

“The government’s HGV Skills Bootcamp has been a game-changer for the sector. Finally, HGV drivers are being seen as essential and vital workers and careers into this sector are now being encouraged and funded. The Driver Academy Group is leading the way in this ground-breaking scheme and is proud of our commitment to supporting and training individuals into the sector, ensuring they land the very best jobs with some of Britain’s most attractive companies.”

Companies looking to upskill existing drivers can apply for Government funding of 70% of the scheme’s cost. The Skills Bootcamps are part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee, helping everyone gain skills for life. Free courses are also available for individuals with no experience wishing to start a career in HGV driving and Jason Greaves, Manpower Brand Leader UK was enthusiastic about the possibilities, saying:

“The opportunity for a funded refresher or refresh and upskill training course comes at a time when working conditions are improving, earnings potential is high and the demand for experienced, reliable drivers is as strong as ever. We support each learner by understanding their driving aspirations, help with updating (or creating) their CV and preparing for interview, to make it as straight forward as possible to secure that new role. Re-joining the sector is proving highly popular and we look forward to supporting those returners with their career journey.”

Those interested in exploring the possible return to a career as a driver can see all details HERE.