Thursday, July 5, 2012

Help Wanted! Is There a Freight Forwarder or Container Shipping Line That Can Solve This?

UK Company Needs Specialist Help with Temperature Sensitive Box Loads
Shipping News Feature

UK – US – Here’s a challenge for our readers in the ocean container shipping market, one for all you project freight forwarders who like to solve a problem no matter how bizarre. Watco, the UK based paint and industrial coatings manufacturers are struggling to solve a problem which doubtless, although not unique, may require a little assistance from someone in the logistics field who knows their stuff.

Fortunately for Watco and despite the current austerity across the globe, the Surrey headquartered group have been selling various products in the US and have started supplying fairly large quantities to Chicago by shipping in standard ISO containers. Product Co-ordinator Steve Lawrence is concerned that, as thoughts are turning toward supplying & delivering consignments in winter, some of Watco’s precious water based products may freeze if exposed to the harsh conditions to be found on the East Coast.

The question then is simple. Are insulated containers guaranteed to keep the cargo above freezing point or is there a way to heat containers sufficiently to ensure they don’t freeze? Our guess is that the standard reefer boxes could have their temperature settings high enough to ensure no harm comes from the transatlantic crossing but such knowledge is for those who show an interest.

The product, see a typical example HERE, emanates from Newcastle Upon Tyne and Steve is anxious to hear from anyone with experience of this problem and potential solutions.

You can reach Steve Lawrence on 01483 4125000 x4413 or via e mail at  or feel free to comment below.