Thursday, April 14, 2011

Heavy Snow Halts Freight Trucks In Bulgaria

Commercial Drivers Warned Motorway Also Affected
Shipping News Feature

BULGARIA – Heavy snow across parts of the country has caused several road closures and, with more bad weather forecast, the Agency for Road Infrastructure has declared the Beklemeto Pass, also known as the Troyan or Troyan-Karnare pass, closed to commercial freight vehicles.

The ban extends to articulated vehicles with trailers and semi trailers and it is reported locally that severe conditions are also affecting traffic on the A2 Hemus motorway. The Beklemeto Pass features a local ski resort and is a major freight route for trucks travelling between North and South Bulgaria and connects Troyan and Karnare on the Karlovo Plain in the North Central region of the country.

Drivers in the region are advised to check conditions locally to ensure their proposed routes are clear.