Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Heavy Lift Vessel Saves Two from the Sea

Pair Rescued After Catamaran Sinks off Sudanese Coast
Shipping News Feature

GERMANY – RED SEA – The Hansa Heavy Lift vessel HHL Elbe was passing through the Red Sea en route from Porto Marghera, Italy to Kandla in India when the crew spotted two distress flares. Diverting to intercept the incident developed into a full blown rescue when a small, white rubber dinghy was seen showing a blinking flashlight.

The Master brought the HHL Elbe alongside the dinghy and held his position whilst a heaving line and buoy were sent out to the stranded seafarers and they were brought abroad. The couple found turned out to be Stefan Jerkander and his wife, Svetlana Salnikova-Jerkander and fortunately after both were given first aid aboard the heavy lift ship are reportedly well.

The pair were forced to take to the dinghy after their catamaran Cattarina sank off the Sudanese coast during a voyage from Split in Croatia to Phuket in Thailand.