Friday, August 27, 2010

Heavy Lift Specialists Team Up For Haulage and Shipping Of Giant Oil Rig

4,000 Tonne Platforms Move North to Alaska
Shipping News Feature

US - Berard Transportation, project forwarding and heavy lift specialists have moved a vast array of large objects since the late Roy Berard Senior started his ‘Building Mover’ business at the end of WW2 shifting houses without allegedly even breaking a window. The recent contract undertaken by Roy’s family company might have had even the old maestro a little amazed.

Berard partnered their regular specialist trailer supplier, German based Goldhofer, in planning the movement of two giant oil platforms from Louisiana to the Nikaitchuq Development Project off the North Slope of Alaska.

The Nikaitchuq project comprises the drilling of approximately 80 wells, out of which 32 are located onshore and the remaining from an offshore artificial island. Originally planned to be producing crude last year the project was shelved until recent oil price increases meant the scheme, destined to produce up to 180 million barrels, was revived.

Goldhofer provided two self propelling units the THP/SL-E and THP/ES-E (no romantic names here) with a combined total of 144 axles fitted with 1152 wheels to carry the two gigantic oil platforms weighing 3,500 and 4,000 tonnes respectively to dockside for onward freight by sea.

Anyone interested in seeing a short film of Berard’s heavy lift activities can access it HERE.