Monday, January 28, 2019

Heavy Lift Outfit Completes Giant Freight Forwarding Assignment

Huge Sectional Bridge Carried Successfully from China
Shipping News Feature
CHINA – NORWAY – Our photograph shows giant bridge sections now safely delivered to the largest regional road construction project, which will see the 580 metre long bridge installed around Easter, crossing the Beitstadfjorden and connecting the municipalities of Steinkjer and Malm. In a mountainous country like Norway, riven as it is by deep fjords, such bridges are an essential part of the transport infrastructure and the Beitstadsundbrua bridge required a project freight forwarding assignment by Hamburg based SAL Heavy Lift to carry its twelve sections by sea from Nantong, China.

Norway’s unique geography means the country has 18,000 such bridges equating to almost 450 kilometres in total each with an average 250 metre span. The heaviest of the twelve sections carried to Malm as ocean cargo on SAL’s heavy lift vessel MV Trina made up 426 tonnes of the total gross weight of 2,800 tonnes.

The longest unit stretched to 75 metres and with a total of four single lifts and eight tandem lifts, the SAL experts were able to stow all twelve bridge sections in two layers under deck, and another layer on deck of the vessel and Sune Thorleifsson, Head of Projects at SAL explained the difficulties thus:

“It only took us 35 days to directly sail to Malm from Nantong in China [and], despite the unique conditions in the port of Malm, with an only 20 metre wide jetty and 2 metre tidal range, it took just 6 days until we were able to successfully and smoothly deliver the 20,668 m3 of cargo to our client.”

Due to local port regulations all twelve bridge sections were directly discharged onto self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs), 25 metres away from alongside the vessel. A tailor-made mooring arrangement contributed to the success of the discharging operations, something which satisfied Terje Skjevik, Owner & CEO of contractor Fosdalen-Industrier AS, who said:

“During the period of discharge of the bridge segments to the Beitstadsundet Bridge, onto SPMT`s for transport to Fosdalen-Industrier AS`s assembly site, we experienced a good and professional collaboration with SAL. We are very satisfied with the overall performance, on HSE, on technical and on schedule. All parties knew the challenging environment for the discharge, in spite of these challenges the operation and collaboration was excellent.”

A detailed cooperation between SAL and its general agent in Norway Messers. Alex Birger Grieg AS fuelled the success of the project, part of a larger scheme which involves building new and improved roads between the towns of Sprova, Malm and Dyrstad, which will be finished and open to the public by the end of 2019. The bridge itself will make travelling between northern parts of Trøndelag county considerably safer, as well as reducing travelling time significantly, and Jacob Almlid, Special Advisor Industry & Commerce at Verran Kommune, commented:

“The new County Road (FV 17 and 720) including Beitstadsundet Bridge, will eliminate the distance challenges the region has. The new road and bridge significant increases the municipality of Verran’s opportunities to further develop existing industries and attract new industry. The municipality is now, due to the new road and bridge, in dialogue with industrial companies exploiting the establishment of industry in Verran.”

Photo: A 321 tonne piece is swung over to the waiting SPMT on the 20 metre wide pier.