Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Heavy Lift Japanese Engines Advance Into Europe

Specialist Moves Power Units for New Build Vessels
Shipping News Feature

JAPAN – BULGARIA - Heavy lift and project forwarding specialist Advance International Transport is half way to completing the 4,000 tonne movement from Mitsubishi in Japan to the Bulyard, Varna, Bulgaria shipyard. The total consignment consists of ships engines, at 235 tonnes each, plus all deck cranes and accessories for eight 56,000 dead weight tonnes multipurpose ships.

Multipurpose vessels are designed for the carriage of different types of cargo: general, bulk, heavy and/or containerised cargo and the engines were collected from the Mitsubishi plant in Japan with shipment via the port of Aioi, near Kobe.

Speaking from Advance’s Turkish headquarters Mr Jawad Kamel, the company’s CEO and President said:

“Now that the third engine has been moved, we are looking forward to achieving the halfway point soon when the fourth engine arrives from Japan. As forwarders, we are helping to secure business for Bulyard by the timely and economic delivery of engines for this prestigious contract."