Monday, October 10, 2011

Heavy Lift Freight Specialist Completes Another Giant Marine Logistics Project

Fairmount again Demonstrate the Power of the Super Tug
Shipping News Feature

BRAZIL – US – NETHERLANDS – Anyone who has ever been involved in towing a car, or worse a truck loaded with freight, knows that it can be a delicate operation; the guy at the back controls all the braking yet often with little visibility. Imagine then having to pull something weighing tens of thousands of tonnes for thousands of miles across the ocean and you have some idea of the difficulties that face heavy lift and towing logistics specialist Fairmount Marine on a regular basis.

The Fairmount Alpine, one of the Rotterdam based company’s fleet of five ‘super tugs’, each with a 205 tonnes bollard pull, had just completed surveying off the coast of Durban, South Africa when ordered to make speed for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and collect the semi submersible drilling rig Ocean Yorktown, on behalf of Houston based deepwater drilling contractor Diamond Offshore. The gigantic rig was required in Brownsville, US to commence operations.

Upon arrival in Rio de Janeiro Fairmount Alpine assisted the Ocean Yorktown in the field until the rig was ready in each and every aspect to commence the voyage towards Brownsville. Fairmount Alpine successfully towed the Ocean Yorktown over a distance of 5,400 miles in just 34 days with a general average speed of 6.6 knots, including a two day bunker stop.

The tow of the Ocean Yorktown was the fifth operation for Diamond Offshore Drilling performed by Fairmount Marine. In 2010 Fairmount’s super tugs were involved in four operations for Diamond Offshore. Fairmount Marine can be seen at the Offshore Energy exhibition and conference in Amsterdam which opens tomorrow (11th October) and runs for two days.