Monday, September 3, 2012

Heavy Lift Freight Forwarder Supplies the Energy for Chinese Project

Giant New Concept Wind Turbine Moves into Position
Shipping News Feature

DENMARK – CHINA – With the energy market still very much in the foreground for modern logistics companies heavy lift and project freight forwarder Martin Bencher has been chosen as a main transport contractor to a Danish prototype project for the Chinese wind turbine manufacturer Envision Energy. The project has involved a medley of the agency’s talents ranging from transport and packing consultancy through loading supervision at source in China for the range of outsized castings and tower parts up to transport planning and port operations in Denmark.

The project was passing a challenging phase during August, when subcontractors had the complicated task of jacking up the 220 tonnes nacelle at MAN in Frederikshavn, Denmark then loading it on 2 self - propelled modular transports (SMPT) and delivering it safely to Frederikshavn oil pier for loading onboard MV Jumbo Spirit.

After the nacelle had been securely fastened in the hull the vessel passed north of Skagen, Denmark to Thyborøn where it docked at a local harbour. There the nacelle was discharged from the Jumbo Spirit and loaded to the SPMT once again, which in the meanwhile had been disassembled and trucked to Thyborøn. The nacelle, which in its transport configuration measures 13.1 metres long x 6 wide x 7.9 high, has been built up in Denmark and is part of the world’s first 2 bladed 3.6 megawatt turbine designed with 2-part sectioned blades which operate through a special partial pitch blade feathering system. The entire project is intended to develop a prototype proof of concept turbine by the Chinese wind turbine manufacturer which has a Global Innovation Centre located in Silkeborg, Denmark.

Photo: The vast scale of the nacelle can be gauged by the diminutive figure in red in the foreground of the picture.