Monday, June 20, 2016

Heavy Haul Rail Freight Group Shows a Green Profile

New Wagons from Recycled Materials
Shipping News Feature
UK – Freightliner, which claims the title of the largest transporter and inland terminal operator for ocean shipping containers in the country, has extended its Green credentials by constructing new box rail freight wagons compliant to European Standards utilising a significant proportion of recycled materials. Subsidiary company Freightliner Heavy Haul has distributed the new rolling stock throughout its fleet after the wagons are built using parts from redundant coal hoppers.

Freightliner’s wagon provider of choice was Greenbrier Europe, a subsidiary of the Oregon based supplier of rail and maritime heavy equipment GBX, and the units were required in support of a new contract for building materials and construction supplier Tarmac. To fulfil the order Freightliner needed to provide a fleet of modern, high capacity box wagons and decided to investigate the possibility of using recycled parts from HHA (102 t) coal hoppers that had recently been made redundant by the national decline in coal usage.

It was determined that, with some modifications, the bogies (framework carrying wheels attached to the wagon) and some of the braking equipment from the hoppers would be compatible with an existing design of box wagons that Greenbrier had previously produced and, as a result, in November 2015, Freightliner Maintenance Ltd (FML) in York began the recovery and modification of the bogies which were then transported by Freightliner Road Services to Greenbrier Europe in Poland who completed the production of the wagons. Now the first twenty three brand new MWA (102 t) open box wagons have arrived in the UK, transported by Freightliner Poland.

Supplying newly designed equipment to serve the freight requirements of British railways means having to comply with a very specific set of regulations and throughout the whole complex process Freightliner engaged fully with the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) to ensure that UK and European safety standards and legal requirements were met. Paul Smart, Managing Director, Freightliner Heavy Haul Limited commented:

“This project has been a success thanks to the effective collaboration between Freightliner businesses: Heavy Haul, Maintenance, Road Services and Freightliner Poland. We would also like to thank our key suppliers Greenbrier and SNC Lavalin for their support with the project.”

The creative approach taken by Freightliner meant that redundant assets were given new life in the form of recycled bogies and brake components that would have stood unused and deteriorating, thus reducing waste and saving energy, prompting customer representative Chris Swan, senior manager, rail and shipping at Tarmac, to say:

"Modern, efficient wagons have an important role to play as we drive freight expansion and increase the transportation of materials from production sites to construction markets. It’s good to see equipment and materials being repurposed, especially as this is a key part of Tarmac's approach to sustainability and business."