Thursday, February 11, 2010

Handy Shipping Guide Launches New Facility For Freight and Logistics Readers

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Shipping News Feature

UK – THAILAND – Today sees a further improvement in our day to day freight and shipping news service with readers now having the ability to comment directly on logistics stories on which they have a view.With the downturn in exports and imports worldwide over the past year or so, times are tough for many readers but in the biggest industry in the world that simply means more happening on the news front.

Regular readers will know that we bring you content from the four corners of the earth, working 24/7 on 365 days of the year to ensure you can read it here first. So now you can have your say on the things which interest or concern you about what is happening in the global freight market.

So whether you are driving a truck across the Mid West of the USA, crewing a bulk carrier in the Gulf of Aden or sitting in a dock office in Aberdeen you can now have your say about anything we print that affects or interests you.

The new facility adds to the free of charge features already available such as having your press releases sent around the world to the people that matter, globally advertising your shipping and supporting services and forthcoming industry events and having our newsletters sent regularly direct to your e mail so that you stay ahead of industry matters.

Plus of course you get free use of the entire freight directory to find suppliers for all your transport related needs, from IT specialists to transport lawyers, FCL carriers to fine art shippers and a sideways look at the world via the blog.