Friday, April 13, 2012

Hands In Pockets For the Backbone of the Freight and Road Haulage Industry

PDF Auction Helps Commercial Drivers - but More is Needed
Shipping News Feature

UK – The Professional Drivers Foundation (PDF) is an organisation dedicated to improving the lives of commercial vehicle drivers and their families after they have hit hard times for one reason or another. Unlike so many charities the group is manned and organised by volunteers from the road haulage industry and lately has seen unprecedented demands on its funds due to driver hardship. The ethos of the organisation is to help lorry drivers in need and to revive the old type camaraderie which once existed for the ‘Knights of the Road’.

This year the annual celebration held by Trucknet UK, the professional drivers on line forum, chose to direct its fundraising efforts to the PDF and a well supported evening saw well over £1700 raised following an auction of donated goods with Trucknet contributors alongside those from the bidding on items freely donated by such companies as MAN, Volvo and Scania as well as Night Owl and motor cycle racing ace Steve Parrish, PDF Patron and long time supporter.

The entire evening was organised by the Road Transport Media Group whose Community Manager, Rikki Chequer, once again presided over the auction in an informal atmosphere with bidding rules to match to raise what is a serious sum for PDF funds.

Any money raised by the PDF goes to help numerous drivers with problems as diverse as diabetes, seriously ill children, injuries resulting from major road accidents etc. and anyone wishing to support this very worthy cause for people who form the backbone of the freight transport industry can do so by visiting the PDF website or contacting organiser Pat Nicholson on 07909 995615 or via e mail at