Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Guide to Safe Container Securing is Latest Aid to Help Save Lives at Sea

Latest in Series to Make Maritime Operations Safer
Shipping News Feature

UK – WORLDWIDE – Health and Safety is often sniffed at by cynics but at sea risks are ever present, and good practice is required every step of the way to ensure the safety of ships, crew, dockers and lightermen etc.

Now, as part of its continuing commitment to safety at sea, the Loss Prevention team at insurance group, the Standard Club, has produced a number of ‘Master’s Guides’ that give best practice advice on key areas of vessel operations to avert avoidable claims and prevent accidents, casualties and incidents at sea.

These guides were created using the professional knowledge and insight of members of the team who have served at sea. The aim of the guides is to provide advice which will serve to eliminate claims deriving from common errors/mistakes, made during routine operations.

The latest in the series, ‘Master’s Guide to Container Securing’ looks at container securing systems, the causes of lashing failure and offers advice on how losses can be minimised. The guide has recently been updated to include the latest advice on applying extra lashings, design roll angle and the container securing arrangement, periodic checks of lashings, and avoidance of over tightening lashings.

The release of the latest guide is supported by a live Q&A webinar at 9am on Wednesday 20th January 2021 hosted by the Club. Further information is available on this session HERE and you can register for the webinar HERE. Captain Yves Vandenborn, Director of Loss Prevention, The Standard Club said:

“Today’s ships are safer than ever and yet we continue to see accidents every year. Our guides have been designed to provide insight and best practice advice to ship owners and crews to help minimise incidents at sea.”

Other guides recently published include:

  • Master’s Guide to the Carriage of Steel Cargo promotes best practice and raises awareness of the risks of shipping steel cargo. It focuses on correctly loading, stowing, caring for and securing steel cargoes. Its advice will help crew to avoid steel cargo damage.
  • Master’s Guide to Enclosed Space Entry is aimed at assisting seafarers entering enclosed spaces safely and preventing enclosed space-related casualties. The continued loss of life due to improper enclosed space entry and rescue are unfortunate reminders of the dangers associated with confined spaces on board ships. This guide addresses risks and causes related to enclosed space entry and focuses on the most common issues that result in incidents, offering key advice and knowledge to educate those at sea.