Monday, August 19, 2019

Growth of E-commerce Affects Logistics Supply Chain Processes and Challenges Security

Anti-Counterfeit Crime Fighting Tool Welcomed by Hong Kong Group
Shipping News Feature
WORLDWIDE – Few companies in the history of logistics can claim to have had such a wide reaching influence on the industry as Amazon. The e-commerce company now covers the world with its services which allow consumers direct access to a plethora of products available for rapid delivery straight to their doors.

The rapid growth of this entirely new sector has had a profound effect on a variety of links in the supply chain but as U-Freight Group (UFL) CEO Simon Wong points out, the exponential expansion of e-commerce and the increased role of consumers in individual transactions poses several challenges to governments and businesses alike, whether in terms of trade facilitation, safety and security, or the collection of duties and taxes.

UFL has a considerable involvement in e-commerce logistics and has welcomed the latest decision by Amazon to launch its supply chain anti-counterfeit tool internationally, with the e-retail giant expanding its product serialisation service, Transparency, to France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, India, and Canada.

Wong says that his company’s concentration on the logistics requirements of the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) market is bearing fruit, observing:

“As a logistics service partner to the FBA market we are establishing fulfilment services to deliver products to the customers of independent sellers and brand owners in the Amazon Marketplace in several of the markets to which Amazon’s supply chain anti-counterfeit tool is being launched. Our company offers a service all the way from origin through to delivery, customs-cleared, to the Amazon Fulfilment Centre.

“The move by Amazon, which appears to be the latest in a series of initiatives to improve the tracing of products across supply chains in order to guarantee their provenance, will help us to ensure that the products we store and transport under the FBA programme are genuine.”

U-Freight efforts to develop e-commerce logistics solutions include investment in the several of the company’s warehouse facilities to enable them to act as e-commerce fulfilment centres. UFL has been qualified by China Customs and CIQ (China Inspection and Quarantine) as a licensed Cross-border E-Commerce Enterprise and as a Cross-Border E-Commerce Logistics Service Provider.

Earlier this year the Hong Kong-headquartered freight forwarding and logistics group further strengthened its relationship with Easyship, the global cloud-based shipping software and technology platform that enables e-commerce merchants to ship their products worldwide, by expanding it into other markets in Europe and North America.