Thursday, August 13, 2009

Greenpeace Marine Protests Continue Down Under

Vessels and Dock targeted in Ecological Protests
Shipping News Feature

NEW ZEALAND / AUSTRALIA – Greenpeace activists, always active in the Southern Hemisphere, have continued their demonstrations against selected targets this week.

After chaining liferafts together on 11th August in Auckland harbour to prevent a beam trawler leaving port, the protestors have moved to shore based demonstrations against retailers selling species under threat such as Hoki and Orange Roughy.

There were major demonstrations at the Hay Point coal terminal in Queensland last week in which the activists suspended themselves from coal loading cables and blockaded the entrance to the port with their vessel Esperanza. These followed a similar protest at the Abbot Point terminal, 200 kilometres north of Hay Point.

The master of the Esperanza, Vladimir Votiacov, has now been charged with six offences including damage and trespass after his arrest by Queensland police on Saturday.

Greenpeace’s activity caused a complete shutdown of the Hay Point dock for two days preventing the loading of an estimated 200,000 tonnes of coal.

Similar protests against coal as a power source have been reported from Ashkelon, Israel on Monday.