Sunday, October 24, 2010

Greek LPG Tanker And German Cargo Freight Carrier Pirated

Black Weekend as Somali Pirates Seize Two Vessels
Shipping News Feature

SOMALIA – Yet more bad news from the troubled region as two more ships, the Greek managed, Singapore flagged York carrying liquefied petroleum gas and the German freighter Beluga Fortune were seized by pirates this weekend.

Yesterday the York was attacked by two skiffs full of armed men around 50 miles east of Mombasa. The 5000 tonne vessel sent out a distress signal and the Turkish warship TCG Gaziantep, part of the Combined Maritime Forces (Task Force 151) was sent to investigate. One of the Perry class frigates helicopters was despatched on a reconnaissance and not only saw pirates aboard the tanker but witnessed the presence of the fishing vessel Golden Wave, herself a victim of piracy on the 9th October.

The York was destined for the Seychelles but stopped and, after drifting through the night, she was seen under way and bound for the Somali coast early this morning. Reports from the Greek operators say they have not yet spoken to any among the seventeen strong crew, two Ukrainians, fourteen Filipinos and a German Skipper, but had reason to believe all were unharmed.

At 07.08 today (Sunday) the Bremen headquarters of Beluga Shipping in Bremen received their own distress call from one of its chartered freighters bound from the UAE to South Africa. The ship reported an attack from a pirate gang whilst in the Indian Ocean about 1200 miles from Mombasa. Beluga, the heavy lift specialists whose good news and freight pioneering stories we have been pleased to comment on many times have not yet issued crew details but according to EU NAVFOR Somalia figures that brings the total of captured ships currently held by Somali pirates to twenty. Photo:

TCG Gaziantep on exercises.