Sunday, February 15, 2015

'Go Compare' Facility Available for Freight and Passenger Lines to Book Shipping Security Details

Choice of Options Site is Free to Use for Ship Managers Fearing Piracy
Shipping News Feature

GERMANY – WORLDWIDE – It surely had to happen, in a world of meerkats and talking robots the latest thing in comparison sites enables potential customers to select the best option for which Private Maritime Security Company (PMSC) to use to protect their vessel or convoy when shipping in dangerous, pirate infested waters. According to Marine Risk & Quality (MRQ), the company which came up with the idea, freight and passenger carriers can book vetted, top tier security services for their transits easily online.

MRQ is a subsidiary of Lampe & Schwartze Group with its headquarters in Bremen. This latest product is called Octopus and MRQ has enlisted five PMSCs; Regal Maritime Solutions, Castor Vali, Seagull, Secure a Ship and Citadel Maritime, which it has vetted to ISO/PAS 28007 standards, the current security industry quality benchmark. In addition, all the Consultants they provide to clients are individually vetted by MRQ to ensure they meet exacting standards and possess suitable qualifications before they are allowed to undertake a transit.

MRQ says the system enables ship managers to cut their workload by proposing to several PMSCs simultaneously and receiving proposals back very quickly all in one place, with no obligation on their part whilst remaining completely free for the shipping company to use and contract. The intent is to allow managers to simplify and speed up what in the past could prove to be a lengthy process whilst being certain of choosing first class, vetted and qualified PMSCs whilst enjoying the benefit of price transparency.

The scheme intends to offer the service in all the known pirate hot spots including areas of East and West Africa as well as SE Asia and the South China Sea. To try the service use this link.