Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Global Container Carrier Promotes Sustainable Shipping on Two Fronts

No Northern Sea Route for MSC - Instead an Online Game!
Shipping News Feature

SWITZERLAND – WORLDWIDE – With sustainability at the top of the agenda for all of the big shipping companies, global ocean container carrier Mediterranean Shipping (MSC) has been promoting the good cause on all fronts in the past week or so.

Whilst trials by some companies to test the viability of the Northern Sea Route between Europe and Asia have continued, MSC last week joined the growing body of industry interests to condemn exploitation of the route with concerns voiced for the environmental impact of such a policy.

The Northern Sea Route lies entirely in Arctic waters and has been trialled by other shipping lines seeking to take advantage of melting ice from global warming. MSC says it is convinced that the 21 million containers moved each year for its customers can be transported around the world without passing through this Arctic corridor.

The company, which has already achieved a significant reduction in CO2 emissions through technological advances, larger, less polluting ships and slow steaming, believes a surge in container shipping traffic in the Arctic could damage air quality and endanger the biodiversity of untouched marine habitats, a risk MSC is not willing to take as Diego Aponte, President & CEO, explains:

“As a responsible company with a longstanding nautical heritage and passion for the sea, MSC finds the disappearance of Arctic ice to be profoundly disturbing. Every drop in the oceans is precious and our industry should focus its efforts on limiting environmental emissions and protecting the marine environment across existing trade routes.”

However such a serious approach is tempered by another innovation from MSC this week by way of a fun little game available as an app which also promotes sustainability. The Sea Rider is intended to provide insights into MSC’s environmental performance and approach as players have to sling the ship from one port to another while minimising the environmental impact.

Users navigate the giant container ship collecting coins and points whilst adapting the vessel’s speed and avoiding hazards such as whales. The app is available for free from the Apple Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android).