Thursday, June 29, 2017

Giant Trucks Form Latest Project Freight Move for Multipurpose Vessel Fleet

Destination Siberia for 170 Tonne Vehicles
Shipping News Feature
THAILAND – RUSSIA – There are few more exciting movements in the world of shipping than those big project cargo movements, and the latest big freight transport job undertaken by multipurpose operator AAL certainly has the wow factor. The deep sea operator has scheduled services to compliment this type of individual operation and this shipment was booked by AAL's Brisbane office and operated by the company's Tramp & Projects team, a growing service established by the operator in 2011 to provide tailor-made and competitive shipping solutions to major industry projects around the world.

The contract was to ship 13 enormous haulage trucks, each weighing in at 170 tonnes, from Laem Chabang Port in Thailand to the Port of Nakhodka in southeast Russia. The Komatsu 830E ultra-class haul truck units, each over 14 metres in length and featuring an immense 2,360hp+ diesel powertrain, were transported on the 19,000 dwt S-Class AAL Dampier, on behalf of Australian headquartered freight forwarder Freightplus, specialist in the international movement of heavy plant and mining equipment.

The relative size of the trucks can best be gauged by this video and, having been delivered ashore successfully, they will now be put to work at a major Siberian mining project, being specifically designed for off-road use in high-production mining and heavy-duty construction environments. Namir Khanbabi, Managing Director of AAL’s Tramp & Projects Division, commented on the move, saying:

“We were delighted to partner with such a renowned freight forwarder as Freightplus and to have successfully completed the delivery of this important cargo ahead of schedule. The crane capacity of our S-Class fleet came into its own, giving Freightplus the assurance that each 170 metric tonne truck could be lifted, stowed and discharged at Nakhodka terminal without any reach issues. There was great communication between our two teams throughout the operation, supported by the expertise and diligence of the ship’s crew and the technical knowledge of our in-house engineering experts, drawing on their experience of working on over-sized and specialist cargo shipments for the mining sector.”

AAL claims to have the sector’s youngest fleet of new generation and technologically advanced multipurpose heavy lift vessels. The AAL Dampier is part of AAL’s owned 19,000dwt ‘S-Class’ fleet, with each vessel featuring a combined lifting capacity of 700 tonnes. These highly versatile vessels are designed to load and transport all manner of industrial and commercial heavy-lift and dry bulk cargo to and from the busiest, or most remote, ports around the world. Speaking of this latest movement John Gleeson, CEO at Freightplus, observed:

”We came to AAL Shipping with very specific needs, in relation to stowage, crane capacity and reach, vessel length and draft, deck strength, schedule and budget and they tailored a solution for us that ticked every box. Being a regular user of AAL’s services in the Asia-Pacific region, we knew its very competent and dedicated team could be trusted to deliver as promised and that’s exactly what they did. They performed like a well-oiled machine and exceeded our expectations in every respect.”