Friday, November 13, 2020

Giant Out of Gauge Project Moved Cross Country by Multimodal Means

Huge Logistics Challenge Undertaken and Successfully Completed
Shipping News Feature

INDIA – There's big, there's heavy and there is just plain daunting! Even in the world of out of gauge project cargoes moving a 76 metre long consignment from one side of the country to the other is bound to present challenges. Tasks in fact only solved by the use of a multimodal solution.

This was the job which Allcargo Logistics faced when considering the movement and management of one of the largest over-dimensional cargo movements in India. From the loading at Hazira in Gujarat to IOCL Paradip in Odisha is a distance approaching 2,000 kilometres by roads of variable qualitywith many hazards en route and therefore every option had to be considered.

The Projects & Equipment (P&E) division of Allcargo Logistics settled on a solution to carry the movement of nine oversize pieces on behalf of its client L&T Hydrocarbon which saw the carriage of the equipment, such as a glycol field stripper, vacuum effect evaporator and MEG column, from two different locations.

It was a huge multimodal logistics affair as the mission involved direct transportation of six packages from the L&T factory to Adani Hazira Port by road, hence by ship to Paradip Port (PICT) and finally overland transportation from PICT to the IOCL Refinery along the shore road.

The movement also involved the transportation of three further packages from the L&T Jetty to Adani Hazira Port by vessel and from PICT to IOCL site again by road. Overcoming operational challenges and manoeuvring constraints, the team of project cargo professionals at Allcargo Logistics planned and executed the transportation.

Of course, such are the times, that the teams from Allcargo Logistics adhered to all the required safety and precaution norms and complied with all health and safety guidelines. All those involved on-ground wore masks and used sanitisers and followed social distancing norms. Rahul Rai, Business Head of Project & Engineering Division at Allcargo Logistics Limited, commented:

“There are always inherent challenges involved in the process of moving over-dimensional cargoes. In this case, challenges multiplied due to size and shape. However, our P&E team rose to the occasion and demonstrated extraordinary commitment and proficiency to ensure safe and hassle-free multimodal movement, delivering superior customer satisfaction.

”Our specialised project movement service has set up a benchmark of its own leveraging incomparable expertise and commitment to excellence.”