Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Giant Cargo Required Specialist Air Freight Forwarding Team

Time of the Essence as Mine Capacity Reduced and New Part Needed
Shipping News Feature

CHILE – AUSTRALIA – No one with any commercial knowledge needs to be told how much money can be haemorrhaged when a vital part of a bulk production operation goes down. When an existing mill head at a mine in Chile became badly eroded and cracked and was therefore running at a significantly reduced capacity a replacement part had to be sourced immediately and transported as air cargo as quickly as possible. A new large replacement ball mill head was available, but located in Australia and of such a size that this became a very special project for the freight forwarding outfit involved, DSV.

The call to action required the combined expertise of DSV Australia, the Air Charter team at DSV Projects in Denmark and the outsize cargo specialists at Ruslan International, the An-124 freighter aircraft joint venture between Antonov Airlines and Volga-Dnepr Airlines, to move the new mill head from the manufacturer in Perth, Western Australia, to Antofagasta in northern Chile. Ruslan became involved as the use of an An-124-100 transport aircraft was essential for the movement because of the 4.6m diameter of the 19-ton mill head.

From the time of contract signature to final delivery of the mill head to its destination took 11 days, 10 of those days to process the required flight permit applications and to prepare. Paul Bingley, Commercial Executive at Ruslan International commented:

“Over many years we have demonstrated our expertise in providing fast transportation solutions for customers facing a loss of production when key pieces of equipment become damaged or fail altogether. In this case, working closely with our customer DSV, we ensured the mine in Chile was able to resume full production quickly by delivering the new mill head within days of the flight being requested.”